Patient Testimonials:

I have had an abnormal fear of the dentist all my life which led to sever gum disease and I was terrified of what I needed to have done. Dr. Thurm took his time to explain everything that had to be done and he treated me with such kindness and care it was wonderful. I had extractions done, scaling and filings under anesthesia so I did not have to hear or feel what he was doing. I woke up and Dr. Thurm put in a bridge so that when I left I had teeth. The pain and bleeding was minimal and the staff at the office were amazing. They were reassuring and empathetic as well as informative and professional. I dreaded this experience but now I look forward to seeing Dr. Thurm to continue my treatment. If you are a dental phobe like me, Dr. Thurm is your man.

Donna D.


Excellent dentist and staff. Seen on time. State of the art equipment and most importantly, correct and good treatment with a conservative approach. Dr. Thurm’s approach is to assess the situation, range of options, whether the treatment is urgent or can wait and proceed from there. Everybody in this facility is both professional and friendly. I wish all businesses were like this.



Dr Thurm and his team are not only incredibly talented , they are compassionate , and provide non judgmental care no matter the extent of your dental needs . I’ve had extractions , fillings , and bridgework all pain and anxiety free . That’s why again and again I choose Thurm Dental .



HANDS DOWN THE VERY, VERY, VERY BEST DENTIST ON THE PLANET! Surrounds himself with an equally talented and professional staff – you won’t find a better dental practice! Love this entire group!

Jackie K.


Dr. Thurm and his staff are awesome. Would highly recommend them for anyone needing dental work. I was absolutely scared of any dentist…now I can’t wait to go back and get the rest of my teeth taken care of. Thanks again Dr. Thurm.

Steve E.





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