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Sleep Dentistry for Fearful, Nervous, & Special Needs Patients

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For some people, getting even routine dental care safely, comfortably and without undue anxiety can be very complicated.

As a result, they may go for months with a problem that needs treatment, or even years without seeing a dentist at all. You may know someone like this; it may even be you or a member of your family. People with certain medical, behavioral, psychiatric or age-related conditions, or those who have great fear may simply not be able to have their oral health tended to in the usual way. That’s where we come in.

Dr. Arthur Thurm is both a dentist as well as a Board Certified Sedation Dentist. This is a rare combination in dentistry, and there are only a few hundred certified dental anesthesiologists throughout the country. Dr. Thurm has completed a hospital-based anesthesiology residency program, not just weekend courses. Dr. Thurm has been helping nervous, phobic and special needs patients for over thirty years.

All of our patients are unique and special!
With each patient, we begin with you, hearing what you have to say. It’s the beginning of our relationship with you. The only way for you to have a great experience is to be heard first.

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Don’t let fear of the dentist stop you from getting the dental care you deserve!

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You’d be surprised at how many dental professionals skip this most important step. We’re not here to simply run a bunch of people through treatment in one day. We are here to carefully listen to what you need, keep you feeling safe and comfortable, and most importantly, ensure you are happy with your experience.

You are our practice and what you need and want matter to us.

  • What do you need or desire for your dental health?
  • Do you have fears and phobias?
  • Do you have special needs of some kind?
  • What do you want your smile to convey?

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