Our Story

Other dentists understand Dr. Arthur Thurm’s skill for dealing with the most challenging patients. These patients include dental phobics, gaggers, as well as special needs patients who can’t be treated in a traditional dental environment. He is one of the very few dentists nationwide who is certified in all types of sedation including general anesthesia. Dr. Thurm earned his reputation by successfully and safely treating the most complex dental anesthetic cases.

Dr. Thurm has assembled a group of highly trained as well as concerned people that were all selected for their professionalism and skill. Through frequent seminars and ongoing education, the whole staff stays abreast of the latest technologies and advancements in dentistry and anesthesia. The staff at Dental Anesthesia Associates continuously work to be the very best they can be by offering the most comprehensive care for you and your family.

Our Mission

With each patient, we start with you, hearing what you have to say. It is the start of our relationship with you. The sole way to have the very best experience is for eqch patient to be heard first.

We are here to carefully listen to what you need, keep you feeling safe and comfortable, and most importantly, ensure you are happy with your experience.

At our practice, what you need and want matters to us:

  • What do you need or desire for your dental health?
  • Do you have fears and phobias?
  • Do you have special needs of some kind?
  • What do you want your smile to convey?

We start with finding out about you. Start the conversation and give our Linwood dental office a call today.

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