Referring Doctors

Dental Treatment for Referral Patients

Do You Have the Occasional “Impossible to Treat” Patient?

You know… the ones that never get numb, gag, fidget in the chair or have medical problems or handicaps that make your work risky, difficult or even impossible. My name is Dr. Arthur Thurm and as a residency trained dentist-anesthesiologist, I can help.

For many years I have served as a referral resource to the general dental community in the metropolitan area for patients who:

  • have hyperactive gag reflex
  • are insensitive or allergic to local anesthetics
  • are inconsolable phobics
  • have psychiatric or medical issues complicating treatment
  • have special needs due to physical disability
  • generally would benefit from IV sedation during their dental treatment for any particular reason.

Contact our office with any questions about referring your patients.

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Now You Can Focus on the “Willing and Eager” Instead of the “Impossible to Treat”

The question I have to ask… is it really worth your time and energy? How much more productive could you be with that same time with a cooperative, willing, and eager patient? We are happy to be a referral resource to you for those few patients at the most extreme end of the spectrum. These patients are treated easily, conveniently and safely in my office. Why? Because they sleep through their treatment. A range of sedation options up to and including general anesthesia make this possible. With thousands of cases conducted without an adverse event, you can rely on the results available to the patients you refer to my office.

Flexible Options to Meet Your Needs

I am happy to treat patients on a one time basis and refer them back to you for completion of their comprehensive care and ongoing hygiene.We have all of the equipment and patient monitoring technology that you would find in an outpatient surgicenter.  Lastly, if your preference is to refer the patient to us for their ongoing care, we can accommodate that as well. I would be happy to meet for lunch at some point to explore how I can be a resource to you, or to come to your office to do an in-service/lunch and learn on sedation and general anesthesia in dentistry and the special needs patient. Just give me a call or send me an e mail.  My contact information is below.

How Can I Help You?

If there is any way that I can help you provide easier and more comfortable care for your difficult and special needs patients, please let me know My goal is a better outcome for you and a better outcome for your patient. I am willing to explore any reasonable path to achieve that. Give me call at Dental Anesthesia Associates, Linwood Office Phone Number 609-994-5111 for a quick phone consultation or email me at:  [email protected]

I’ll do my best to help.

Arthur W. Thurm, DMD